About Pieces of Australia

After working in the tech industry and feeling like I wasn't giving back or contributing enough to positive change in the world, I decided that it was time to play a part. 

As an entrepreneur that had little technical knowledge about the ins and outs of planting trees and ecosystem regeneration, I wanted to get involved so I set out on a mission to build a carbon negative business that promotes conservation & actively participates in bushland/rainforest regrowth.

Inspired by the novelty Scottish plots of land you can buy to create nature reserves, plant trees and also become a 'Lord' - I realised our own backyard is abundant in unique flora/fauna known to the world and currently undergoing its own set of environmental stresses (bushfires, floods & extinction to name a few).

 Through my numerous travels, people always resonate strongly with Australia, but not everyone will get to visit. This is an opportunity to get involved, contribute positively and enjoy the novelty of having your own slice of Australia, no matter where you are in the world. 

What do we do? 

We buy up private land in Australia (to protect from human development, deforestation etc) that we then sell in small parcels to people around the world allowing them to Interact, Engage & Learn about Australia through our packs.

By creating value through our packs, it allows us to drive revenue that we reallocate to organisations who contribute in line with our vision of creating a positive impact. This includes reforestation projects. 100% Carbon Positive business model & contributing to ecosystem regeneration.

 For more information, check out Our Mission page.