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Envirocean Estate : -27.044684, 150.411637, South East Queensland, Australia

The Envirocean Estate is our flagship piece of Australian native land that we are proud to own and preserve. It’s situated in the Western Downs Regional local government area in Queensland, an area that covers 37,937 square kilometres which is slightly smaller than Switzerland (how’s that for perspective!). The Estate itself is a 5 hour drive west of Brisbane and nestled in between the Barakula State Forest, Condamine State Forest & Braemar State Forests. 

The climate in this area is subtropical with average annual rainfall varying between 500 and 700 mm. Characterised by long warm/hot summers and mild winters - droughts, floods, frosts and heatwaves are some of the climatic features which can have an influence on the environmental features of the land.

A greater part of the region is underlain by sedimentary rocks, mainly quartzes and labile sandstone with some shale, siltstone and mudstone. The relief on these sediments is generally undulating and soils are shallow to moderately deep clays. As a result, the land has a rich and diverse ecosystem, starting from the ground up. A healthy upper & lower canopy layer results in hundreds of animal species thriving.

Enjoy a snapshot of the Estate in the video below.

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