Our Mission

‘We no longer have the luxury of being less bad when doing business’

Creating positive impact, increasing awareness and conservation are at the core of our mission. The company’s founding was the direct result of our passion for Australia's unique flora and fauna, and a desire to make a difference. 

We believe that by creating meaningful connections with people all around the world through our gift packs, we can inspire change and empower individuals to take action towards a brighter future for our planet. 

Niels Chaneliere / Founder

Our Values

100% Laboratory Tested

Conserve & Protect Land

We start by protecting & preserving the land that we own from development, deforestation and unnecessary intervention. It’s easy to rely on others to make a change instead/for us, but action requires everybody’s involvement. In parallel to government conservation initiatives, we are creating our own nature reserves around the country.

Natural Ingredients

Regenerative Sustainability

This pillar is crucial to change management as we strive to have a positive impact. More than conserve & protect land, we work closely with our partners to focus on net positive outcomes, vital connections, putting the future of life at the heart of everything we do. It’s not just stopping doing new damage or fixing the problems but fundamental interdependence that is generative.

Conservation Packs

Educate, Interact & Learn

 Australia is  household known country around the world for its biodiversity, remoteness and unique attributes. Dive deeper than the surface and learn more about its extreme weather patterns (bushfires, floods, storms), incredible and unique wildlife, native plant life and heritage.

The Relationship Between Reducing Impact vs. Net Positive Outcomes

Circular & Regenerative Economy

Development Roadmap

We have ambitious plans to grow and scale our efforts throughout Australia. Here is the growth roadmap for Pieces of Australia over the next 12 months.

Buy More Land Around Australia

There are hundreds of areas around Australia with rich, thriving ecosystems that are threatened by the likes of developers, logging, agriculture & more. Our objective is to purchase more land that is for sale for projects so that we can help preserve and protect these vulnerable areas.

Install Webcams & Audio Equipment

To heighten the engagement for members who purchase Pieces of Australia, we aim to install webcams and audio equipment across the Estate so that you can interact both visually and audibly from wherever you are in the world. This deepens your connection with the land.

Create a Members Community

Facilitate a member’s community where ongoing interaction, forums and open-sourced sharing of knowledge & experiences can be shared.

Strengthen Our Partnerships

Pieces of Australia is only a small piece of the puzzle. Our partners around Australia and the world spend their time year-round contributing to positive change. Whether it be through rainforest regeneration, land management strategies & ecosystem regrowth, they are critical to the Regenerative model.